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Aurelian Moraru

Aurelian Moraru is manager of Promar Textil Industries and also of the Research Laboratory in RFID industrial applications. He has 25 years of experience in the Textile Industry

Founder of Promar Textil Company since 1994.
Founder of Professional Laundry Services Unit – Kromatic, 2007
Founder of Promar Textil Industries, 2017.

Kromatic as Professional Laundry Unit was one of the first Laundry Unit in Europe in 2014 to fully integrate RFID technology into the laundry fabric management.

He offers the whole KTS (Kromatic Tracking System) package (hardware and software solutions) for Laundries interested to apply RFID technologies in their textile management system; Software solutions, Hardware ( RFID TAGs, RFID reading tables, RFID reading gates). All are their products results after more than 10 years of experience in Laundry business.

Fields of expertise

ITS General
ITS ICT & Data Management


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