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Cédric Dekeyser

After a two-year university degree in Electricity and 15 years in IT management in industry, Cedric Dekeyser decided to change direction by taking over two dry cleaners in 2013 in France. The challenge was to mix the recognized high technicality knowledge of a team and the management skills of a former IT director. He created C2K-Pressing and has developed his company by redesigning all the procedures according to two major requirements: Eco-Responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility.

All the process were migrated to minimize the operation’s environmental footprint (wet cleaning, filtration of wasted water, pre-heating of water, recycling …).

In the meantime, a thorough work was one with the employees to take all the decisions together.

Thank to these new vision of cleaning, C2K-Pressing has been chosen by major suppliers to test new solution processes

In order to propose a global solution to his customers, Cédric created in 2016 IZYLAV, a modern and innovative laundromat. In 2017, as requested by pressings, he created ATYOM, a consulting company in management and organization for Retail Textile Cleaning companies.

In 2017 C2K-Pressing won the French Best Practice Award and the Country Award in Detergo in 2018.

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RTC General
RTC Sustainability & Environment

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