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Gabrielle Deme

Gabriella Deme, owner and managing director of ADEKA Consulting, has an over 20 years experience in Business Consulting, and over 5 years experience in Professional Textile Care.

Gabriella founded her methodological knowledge and experience at leading global business consulting companies, in areas such as company assessment, process excellence, efficiency increase or IT implementations. This is completed by deep practical industry knowledge, gained as managing director of TS companies, operating dry cleaning salon or being the local distributor for machine manufacturers. Gabriella is also a recognized lecturer in the Hungarian education system for PTC, Board Member of the Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science, and is actively supporting CINET on international level.

ADEKA is the first laundry consulting company in Hungary bringing market-leading solutions and best practices to Textile Services companies through education, or tailored consulting services like operation assessment, improvement planning and project execution.

Fields of expertise

RTC Marketing
ITS Marketing
RTC Business Modelling
ITS Business Modelling


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