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Gediminas Mikulėnas

Gediminas Mikulenas is currently working as a technologist at Kaunas Clinic's laundry in Lithuania.

In 1988 in the Kaunas University of Technology he prepared and defended his doctoral thesis “recognition of biosignal on the base of correlation theory. He has worked as PHD of applied mathematics at Kaunas University of Technology.

While consulting as an expert for textile service in Krasnodar Russia, Mineralnye Vody Russia, Berlin Germany and other laundries in Lithuania at the same time he was able to foresee the management of a new start-up laundry service in Clinic of Kaunas.

On top of that the smart t-shirt project has been developed on the side by passion and private funds for the last 3 years. The working prototype has been developed and a person wearing the smart t-shirt can get a constant reading of an ECG to a smartphone.

Fields of expertise

ITS General
ITS Processing Technology

Gediminas Mikulėnas

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