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Tanja Pušić

Tanja Pušić is employed at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology as a senior professor with more than 20 years of experience. She has been a representative in the International Technical Committee for Textile care from 2005.

She had published as co-author two university books on washing and dry cleaning issues. Results of her work are presented in numerous papers published in scientific journals and books of conference proceedings.

Her scientific interest is related to the topics: modification of textile materials, surface characterization, electrokinetic phenomena, surfactants, detergents, detergency, fluorescent compounds: optical brightening agents and UV absorbers, washing, characterization of washing phenomena, primary washing effects, secondary washing effects, dry and wet cleaning.

She is an active expert on complaints related to the textiles in textile care processing. She is an associate on research projects: Advanced textile materials by targeted surface modification and Shielding from electromagnetic fields with electrically conductive textile materials.

Fields of expertise

RTC Sustainability & Environment
RTC Processing Technology


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