World of PTC Volume III ‘Innovations & New Technologies’


  • PTC innovations inside the laundry
  • Expert visions from industry peers
  • Business cases



The world is becoming quicker, faster and more dynamic. Not only is the information supply changing, but also textile demands are becoming more customized. Delivery needs to be faster and de customer demands for higher diversity of services. The textile care industry has a vital job to anticipate these developments and provide the markets with the asked services. Book volume III gives an overview of multiple innovations and new technologies. Not only recent, but also future developments are covered. Several experts in the field of PTC contributed to this book.“Innovations change economic and social life. Innovative competition is about acting differently, thus creating new profit potential” (G. Böttger, Expo+Consulting Associates, Germany).“The ambition of the textile service sector is not only be a more sustainable sector, but also to advise the customers” (T. Lucassen & H. Bollemaat, TKT, The Netherlands)“In 2030, people will still sleep in beds and need work clothing and the weather an seasons will still affect our comfort” (S. Rickli, KHN, The Netherlands)“Businesses and consumers would like to see credible actions from manufactures and service providers, in scope with the protection of human kind and the environment” (K. Jahn, Dibella, Germany)

What is volume III about?
In volume III a general overview is given about the relevant developments in the textile care industry. To be more specific about the market perspectives for the textile care industry, trends in relevant markets are described. Form three different viewpoints (health care, trade & industry and hospitality & recreation) a short outlook is given about the expected trends for the upcoming years. Consequently, the innovations and new technologies in textile developments, textile service industry, textile cleaning industry and innovations in energy are described. The full color 300+ pages books in the English language can be acquired at the CINET secretariat. CINET aims to provide a better understanding about different markets, to profile the PTC industry and provide information for new innovations and cooperation in research.

– Innovations create benefits for economy and society
– Innovations in the world around us
– Textile developments
– Textile service
– Textile cleaning
– Energy generation


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