World of PTC Volume IV ‘Innovations & New Services’


  • Innovations outside the walls of the laundry (service concepts, logistics, etc.)
  • Expert visions by industry peers & external stakeholders
  • Business cases on technology



Innovations and new services in the global PTC market will be described in Volume 4 of the book series “The World of PTC”. the aim is to serve the PTC industry with information to anticipate on a rapidly changing society.

Volume 4 continues where the third volume left of. Not only innovations inside the textile care company can enhance the market share of the industry, but also anticipating on the changing society and the opportunities for new service concepts. The end users’ demand is centralized throughout the book, elaborating on new service concepts that meet the customers needs of today and tomorrow.

Innovative companies are preparing for the future. Their new service concepts can serve as examples for the industry. In Volume 4 business cases will be incorporated to illustrate the points of the articles. Topics that are covered by experts from the industry are ‘online developments’, ‘circular economy’ and ‘logistics’. Furthermore innovative ways of textile delivery is included, as well as textile recycling. The complete value chain of textiles is under the scope of this volume.

This book was introduced at the JET Expo at November 8th 2015 in Paris, France and also at the Texcare Asia Show on November 25th 2015 in Shanghai, China


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