Volume II: ‘Market Characteristics & Trends’


The World of PTC Volume II is about PTC markets worldwide. In collaboration with 150+ experts worldwide from the CINET network this book was written with qualitative trends, quantitative market data and expert visions from industry peers. The book is 430 pages in total.



Volume II is written with the aim of sharing information and creating opportunities in emerging and mature markets with new business cases towards a bright future in professional textile care industry. This book concerns the PTC markets worldwide. On the one hand, it will contain a collection of facts and figures on markets of professional textile care. On the other hand, it will present PTC markets through the eyes of regional experts in the form of written contributions and editorials.

“The consolidation and internationalization process is almost completed in most of Europe´s laundries, specialization and dedicated plants are now becoming the new trend” (Peter Bouwens, Christeyns, Belgium)

“The changing environment requires flexibility, financial stability and wide range of services from companies” (Tibor Deme and Király Valéria, Hungarian Textile Cleaning Association)

“Let’s integrate the most advanced technology and philosophy of global laundry and dyeing industry, making our homeland with the sky more blue, the water more pure, and the clothes cleaner!” (Wang Shuyuan, China Laundry Association)

What Volume II is about
Volume II provides extensive knowledge about (future) market opportunities in Professional Textile Care: the development of mature and emerging markets, new business models and specialized service concepts. A little over a hundred industry experts from all over the world contributed to this 430-pages, full-colour edition that will give every PTC professional an edge in his business. The contents are subdivided into the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • PTC Defined
  • Country profiles Europe
  • Country profiles America
  • Country profiles Asia
  • Country profiles Australia
  • Country profiles Middle East
  • Continents overview
  • Special Topics
  • 40 Expert Vision


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